[SOLVED] Ejabberd offline messages with wrong timestamp

If you use ejabberd as you Jabber/XMPP server and your ejabberd offline messages are with wrong timestamp (future or past date/time) I’ll show you how to fix it!

Fixing timestamp on Ejabberd offline messages

Let’s edit our ejabberd config file: ejabberd.yml. If you installed ejabberd on /opt/ejabberd/ type:

nano /opt/ejabberd/conf/ejabberd.yml

Then search for “mod_offine:” and inset the text “timezone: universal“, see image bellow:

Configure ejabberd offline messages

Now just save and restart your ejabberd service.

Timezone in ejabberd config can be set to “local” or “universal“, with the first value, the local time, as reported to Erlang by the operating system, will be used. With the latter, GMT/UTC time will be used. The default value is local. So we changed it to “universal” and everything worked fine.

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